23 March 2011

"Who Would Dare?"

After Camus, everything changed.  

An essay from Between Parentheses (ed. Ignacio Echevarria, trans. Natasha Wimmer, forthcoming in May) is posted at the NYRblog

In "Who Would Dare?" Bolaño tells of his adventures as "book hijacker" and ponders the question of whether it was right for an author to recommend his own books to a man who was sentenced to death.

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The 2011 Roberto Bolaño Reading Challenge


16 March 2011

Sneak preview of Tres

31. I dreamt that Earth was finished. And the only human being to contemplate the end was Franz Kafka. In heaven, the Titans were fighting to the death. From a wrought-iron seat in Central Park, Kafka was watching the world burn.

For a limited period, a preview of poems from Bolaño's Tres can be accessed online at BOMB Magazine, Issue 115/Spring 2011.

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Tres, translated by Laura Healy, is coming in September from New Directions.

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The 2011 Roberto Bolaño Reading Challenge