Max Sebald

W. G. Sebald's primary works in English:


Vertigo, 1990 (trans. Michael Hulse, 2000)
The Emigrants, 1992 (trans. Michael Hulse, 1996)
The Rings of Saturn, 1995 (trans. Michael Hulse, 1998)
Austerlitz, 2001 (trans. Anthea Bell, 2001)
Young Austerlitz, 2005 (extract from Austerlitz)


Silent Catastrophes, 1986/1991 (trans. Jo Catling, 2018)
A Radical Stage, 1988 (editor)
On the Natural History of Destruction, 1999 (trans. Anthea Bell, 2003)
Campo Santo, 2003 (trans. Anthea Bell, 2005)
A Place in the Country, 2005 (trans. Jo Catling, 2013)


After Nature, 1988 (trans. Michael Hamburger, 2002)
For Years Now, 2001 (images by Tess Jaray)
Unrecounted, 2003 (etchings/lithographs by Jan Peter Tripp, trans. Michael Hamburger, 2004)
Across the Land and the Water, 2008 (trans. Iain Galbraith, 2011)


The Emergence of Memory, 2007 (ed. Lynne Sharon Schwartz)

(Note: The English translations sometimes contain additional material not in the German original.)

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