Herr Bernhard

Works in English

The years refer to first publication in German unless noted otherwise.


Prose (1967)
--"Two Tutors"
--"Is it a Comedy? Is it a Tragedy?"

German Short Stories 2 (English 1976)
--Penguin's Parallel Text series, contains one story by Bernhard

The Voice Impersonator (1987, English 1995); another translation as The Voice Imitator (English 1997)
--Five stories from The Voice Imitator

Beautiful View (limited edition, English 1994)

Three Novellas (English 2003)
--Excerpt from one novella

Walking (English 2015)
--one of the novellas in Three Novellas

Goethe Dies (English 2016)


Frost (1963)
--First chapter in The New York Times

Gargoyles (1967)
The Lime Works (1971)
Correction (1975)
Yes (1978)
The Cheap-Eaters (1981)
Concrete (1982)
Wittgenstein's Nephew (1982)

Trilogy of the Arts:
The Loser (1983)
Woodcutters; another translation as Cutting Timber (1984)
Old Masters (1985)

Extinction (1986)
On the Mountain (1989)
Victor Halfwit: A Winter's Tale (illustrated children's book, English 2011)


3 Days (1970), from the film by Ferry Radax
The Force of Habit (1974)
Over All the Mountain Tops (1981)
The World-Fixer (1981)
The President and Eve of Retirement: Plays and Other Writings (1982)
Histrionics (1984)

Heldenplatz (1988)
--Translated twice: by Gita Honneger in Conjunctions: 33 (1999); by Meredith Oakes and Andrea Tierney (2010)

Claus Peymann and Hermann Beil on Sulzweise (English 1998)
--In Conjunctions: 31

Minetti (English 2014)


Gathering Evidence: A Memoir (English 1985)
My Prizes: An Accounting (English 2009)
Gathering Evidence and My Prizes (English 2011)


Collected Poems (English 2017)

In Hora Mortis / Under the Iron of the Moon (1958)
--Interview with translator James Reidel

The Lunatics The Inmates (1962)

Contemporary German Poetry: An Anthology (English 1964)
--Published by New Directions; contains poems by 39 poets, including Bernhard's

"Ave Vergil" (English 2009)
--Long poem in Conjunctions: 53

On Earth and in Hell (English 2015)

Sources: Shelfari; Thomas Bernhard English site; The Constant Conversation; The Gaping Void; JSTOR; Vertigo

An excellent web source on Bernhard is the Thomas Bernhard English site. It contains an introductory essay by Bernhard critic Thomas Coustineau, bibliography with links to reviews and articles, interviews, critical essays, and more links.


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