28 October 2011

Bolaño Infra

A great little find for fans (and maybe even future fans) of a certain 1998 Roberto Bolaño novel, Bolaño Infra.  1975-1977: Los años que inspiraron Los detectives salvajes [Infra Bolaño, 1975-1977: The Years That Inspired The Savage Detectives] provides a short but thoroughly satisfying account of Bolaño's mid-twenties in Mexico during the time when the then aspiring poet was co-founding the Infrarrealist movement and raising hell with a gang of bohemian friends and sympathizers who would later become immortalized within the pages of The Savage Detectives as the "visceral realists."

What a find! By Richard's positive review at Caravana de recuerdos, this book by Montserrat Madariaga Caro looks like a fine addition to the ever expanding shelf devoted to Bolaniana. Let it be translated and the world will be right.



  1. This looks great - I couldn't help wishing I knew more about the reality behind the fiction when reading Savage Detectives/ Amulet. Has to be worth a speculative translation? Anyone out there?

  2. Séamus, yes. For sure there's a niche market for this book in translation. It's about anarchy, for one. :p

  3. Will have to wait impatiently to see if one of the translators get hold of this, but this does interest me a lot.

  4. Gary, it would clarify some of the references in TSD for sure.