02 June 2013

Anticipated reading events

Dolce Bellezza's The Japanese Literature Challenge 7
1 June 2013 to 30 January 2014

Winstonsdad's Thomas Bernhard Reading Week
1-7 July 2013

Caravana de recuerdos's 2013 Russian Reading


  1. Thomas Bernhard is doable for me. Looking forward to it and Stu's thoughts on it.

  2. Me too, Richard. I'll be looking out for the book you'll be reading. I would've liked a Bernhard month (or year), but a week of it is also great.

  3. look forward to seeing which Bernhard you pick ,all the best stu

  4. The only one I'm entering is J-lit, purely because of time constraints & available reading matter, but will probably follow the others.

  5. I'm always pressed for time too. These events work for me by compelling me to turn the pages and work on my TBR.