12 September 2011

Bolaño translations, 2012-201X

Manuela Martelli and Luigi Ciardo act in "The Future"

It's never too early to anticipate. This year Bolaño enthusiasts are lucky to be treated to three works in English translation: Between Parentheses, Tres (bilingual), and The Third Reich. At least six more are awaiting English publication.

  • The Secret of Evil - a posthumous prose collection.
  • Advice from a Morrison Follower to a Joyce Fanatic - an early novel written with Bolaño's friend A. G. Porta. You can't judge a book by its cool title. But it could earn some points.
  • Diorama - one of 3 books discovered among Bolaño's papers. Still unpublished in Spanish.
  • A Lumpen Novella - El futuro, the film adaptation of this book, is already being shot on location in Rome. It will be perfect if the short novel will come out as a movie tie-in. It had a rather interesting premise. 
  • The Troubles of the Real Police Officer - another discovered manuscript. It came out in Spanish early this year. It's very likely it will be released in English in mid- to late 2012. And the wonderful Natasha Wimmer will probably translate again for FSG. 
  • The Unknown University - the last of Bolaño's 3 major collections of poetry translated by Laura Healy. New Directions will most likely publish this in 2012.

There may be other odds and ends, unpublished/uncollected pieces, and interviews/essays from the anthologies Bolaño por sí mismo and Palabra de América. What is certain is we'll not yet run out of Bolaño covers to look forward to in the next couple of years. 

(Bolaño bibliography; Image)

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