18 September 2011

Challenge updates

The latest Bolaño book review submitted for the challenge is that for Antwerp in seraillon.

There is so far a total of 14 books reviewed by our participating readers. And we're still accepting submissions!

To enter reviews: Submit them to bolanoread@gmail.com or via a comment on the main page. Reviews written before 2011 are also accepted. 

I've also included links to two essays by Marcelo Ballve, an early critic of Bolaño, in the Resources page.

Here's a rundown of the reviews so far:




By Night in Chile

Distant Star

Last Evenings on Earth 

Los sinsabores del verdadero policía (The Troubles of the Real Police Officer) 

Monsieur Pain 

Nazi Literature in the Americas

Roberto Bolaño: The Last Interview

The Romantic Dogs 

The Savage Detectives 

The Skating Rink

The Third Reich

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