28 May 2012

Spanish Language Lit Month

Stu of Winstonsdad's Blog and Richard of Caravana de recuerdos, two of the most discriminating readers that I know, will be hosting a month-long festival of Spanish language literature.

July is the golden month of opportunities for encountering Spanish literature in the original or in translation. The line-up of reading/film viewing is as follows.

  • Week 1, 6-8 July: Group viewing of the 1976s classic film Cria Cuervos, written and directed by Carlos Saura
  • Week 2, 13-15 July: Reading of A Brief Life by Juan Carlos Onetti
  • Week 3, 20-22 July: Reading of Bartleby & Co. by Enrique Vila-Matas
  • Week 4: Link round-up

The Vila-Matas week is a shoo-in for me. And I'm eyeing other enticing titles as well. 

You can register for this challenge at Stu's or Richard's post.


  1. Will be following this week with interest, but not sure if I'll have time for much more.

  2. That's great, Gary. One month is always never enough for great events like this.

  3. Thanks for mentioning this event here, Rise, and I'm glad to see that you're up for another Vila-Matas this year. It's an amazing book so I don't think you'll be disappointed at all! P.S. Who's up next for your 2013 year-long challenge on Bifurcaria? I know Bolaño's a tough act to follow, but you should be all rested up after "taking off" 2012, no? :D

  4. This looks like it should be fun! If I get my hands on all the books/films I'll probably try to read them all. There is just such good company.

    And I'm with Richard in his curiosity. 2013 - who will it be?

  5. Richard, a pleasure to spread news of the event. It's just the signal I need to prioritize certain books in my (always) unwieldy reading plan. About a possible follow-up challenge, frankly I haven't thought of it! But now that you raised the possibility, I'll consider it.

    Séamus, it's good thing it's announced early so there's ample time to hunt them down. I'm not sure yet if I'm up for hosting a 2013 challenge. But it's cool to think in advance of an author/theme to champion for next year.