21 June 2012

Center for Japanese Studies

The Center for Japanese Studies of University of Michigan publishes works in translation from Japanese, usually under the Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies. Some titles can be ordered directly from this publisher (though some are already out of print) or from other online booksellers.

Official site

Some books are available digitally online. Here is a full list. It makes available works such as Donald Richie's Japanese Cinema: Film Style and National Character (1971) and Studies in Japanese Culture II (1969), ed. Calvin L. French, which contains uncollected stories and a play by Yukio Mishima (via LibraryThing):

  • "Three Primary Colors" (1955) - one-act play, trans. Miles K. McElrath
  • "The Monster" (1949) - short story, trans. David O. Mills
  • "The Peacocks" (1965) - short story, trans. David O. Mills 


  1. Oddly enough I'm just coming to the end of reading a print copy of Japanese Cinema, well recommended. Would be great if more institutions would take up this initiative!.

  2. Nice. I agree with you on your last note.