16 May 2011

Group read – Fever, Spear, Dance, Dream, Poison, Shadow and Farewell

 Foto. EFE

I don't believe in the separation of Latin American and Spanish writers. We all inhabit the same language. At least I think I cross those frontiers. And in my generation there is a mixed nucleus of writers, Spaniards and Latin Americans, the same way they were mixed in another era of Modernism, possibly the most revolutionary movement in Spanish literature of this century. Because of his strength, I think someone like Javier Marías is forced to influence Latin American literature, and he does. He is a great writer.
                                                        - Roberto Bolaño

Richard at Caravana de recuerdos just announced a group read of Your Face Tomorrow, the 1,200-page (in Margaret Jull Costa's English translation) tome by Javier Marías.

Here's the schedule:

  • Your Face Tomorrow, Vol. 1: Fever and Spear (Thursday, June 30th)
  • Your Face Tomorrow, Vol. 2: Dance and Dream (Sunday, July 31st)
  • Your Face Tomorrow, Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell (Wednesday, August 31st)

I'll be reading the final volume as I've finished the first two last year with Your Face This Spring at Conversational Reading.


(Javier Marías)


  1. Thanks for the plug, Rise--I'm very much looking forward to spending three months in a row with Marías, and I'm delighted you'll be around for the grand finale!

  2. Welcome, Richard. It's one of the reading highlights of the year for sure.