22 August 2011

Ficciones - 2011 Argentina Reading Challenge

Is it too late to champion a reading challenge for this year? Definitely not. If it's as good, as enticing as this, then we'll certainly make the time for it.

The Ficciones (2011 Argentina Reading Challenge) will cover Argentinean literature in Spanish and in translation. The challenge will end in February 14, 2012. So there's still a good six months to pad up the reading list with great books (Borges! Cortázar! Aira!). The challenge is hosted by Jen (Jen and the Pen).

Readers can sign up at this link. And check out the reading suggestions.

I just signed up!



  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this, Rise; it looks great, and I would love to participate. However, it doesn't look like the challenge is actively being supported anymore. No reviews posted or recent updates over on the challenge blog. Am I missing something? Do you have more info? I guess I should contact the host for more info, but please let me know if you find anything out before I do. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for remindiing me I want to sign up and must I ve read a number of argentina books this year ,all the best stu

  3. Yea, Richard. I did notice the site isn't as busy as we want it to be. I'll let you know if I get any information.

    Stu, it's great to read Argentina with you. As always I look forward to your future reviews.

  4. Rise, I just e-mailed Jen for more information about whether she's still hosting the challenge or not. Hopefully yes so I have even more incentive to finish out the year with Bolaño, Marías, Proust, and Argentina as the four corners of my reading universe. Just finished Marías' Tu rostro mañana a few hours ago and am already sad to be done with it. What a soulful, all-consuming piece of writing that was! Did you enjoy the final installment?

  5. You can say that, Richard. I devoured the final book. What a piece of work. Like a slow chamber orchestra building up to a dramatic finale and a long meditative denouement. Like LOTR movie. :p

    I've also contacted Jen about the challenge. Let's wait and see. This is so far a great bookish year with still more potential big bang reads waiting on the shelf.

  6. Thanks for championing the challenge, Rise! Honestly, it didn't get a lot of interest so I hadn't been paying much attention to it. But your interest -- and the fact that it is Borges's birthday today -- is all the reason I need to get it going again. Look for a post soon.

  7. Thank you, Jen! It's just the signal I need to invade Argentina.