25 August 2011

This craft of verse: the master and his lectures

We're still infected with borgesitis contracted from yesterday's natal anniversary of "the brave librarian" (the title of RB's essay on him in Between Parentheses). So here are two forking paths that lead to an expanding labyrinth of imagination. 

1. Profile of a Writer: Borges (1983) and Jorge Luis Borges: The Mirror Man (1999)

The first film "consists of interviews in English with Borges, as well as short dramatizations in Spanish of several of his stories". The second film is A 47-minute English documentary about the Argentine poet. File size: 260 MB. Right-click title for download link.

2. This Craft of Verse 

Recordings of six(!) lectures delivered in Harvard University in fall '67 and spring '68, discovered from the university archives. The lectures were transcribed and published in book form in 2000. Hear the booming voice of the poet, speaking from across time.

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