01 January 2012

The 2011 challenge ends

¡Feliz año nuevo!

THE 2011 ROBERTO BOLAÑO READING CHALLENGE is now officially ended. I'm thanking all the participants - 30 readers! (with blogs or without, in Twitter or not, with book reviews or none) - who joined, even some of you late in the day. It has been a splendid year reading the great Chilean writer's works and reviews of his books.

The anticipated extension to this challenge is this month's THE SAVAGE DETECTIVES GROUP READ, hosted by Richard (Caravana de recuerdos) and me. Join us in reading, reviewing, and discussing this tome at the end of the month.

My special thanks to the following readers who submitted reviews to 15 of Bolaño's books.

Vapour Trails
Caravana de recuerdos
The Parrish Lantern
Shifting Sands
Winstonsdad's Blog

Congratulations to those who did well in the challenge. For those who fell short of their goal, worry not. One can still complete it anytime, and there's no more deadline! :) I will still be interested to know when you finally achieve the level of "Mesmerist"/"Critic"/"Vagabond"/"Poet"/"Detective"/"Worm" and of course the "Godzilla status" (at least 13 books) at some point in time. Feel free to contact me, via comment or email, when you do finish your target level. We'll celebrate.

This challenge blog celebrated its 1st year anniversary four days ago (Dec. 28). In the course of the year, it has adopted a new name, Bifurcaria bifurcata, and has published more than 100 blog posts. I intend to let it continue life as a general blog about international literature and about translation, focusing on an expanded list of excellent writers, Latin American or otherwise. Stay tuned.

Thanks once again for your participation.



  1. Glad to see it's still continuing as a Lit, translation blog, I've still Bolano to read (have pain on my shelf) & like yourself have an interest in translation .

  2. Yep, this time the focus is not only on LatAm (Aira, Marías, Vila-Matas) but others like Japan as well.

  3. Rise, thanks for being such an accomplished ringmaster! I look forward to jumping through some more hoops here starting with The Savage Detectives if I can get out of a little slough I'm in at the moment.

  4. It's a longish sequence of hoops. So take your time, Séamus. I'm on a reading slump myself. But slowly getting back on reading track.