06 January 2012


   "Keep going," said Belano, "we'll get one."
   "What is a catachresis?" I said.
   "That one I used to know, but I've forgotten," said Lima.
   "It's a metaphor that's become part of common everyday speech and is no longer perceived as a metaphor. For example: needle's eye, bottleneck."

   - The Savage Detectives

Catachresis #9 (legs of the table, the neck of the bottle,
the elbow of the pipe, the leg of the chair), 2011

How did you translate that into sculptural form?

To make these sculptures I produced assemblages to represent these metaphors, which could resemble early Surrealist sculptures, in that the link that brings objects together into one form comes across as absurd. The ‘hidden’ meaning of these sculptures operates just like the metaphors themselves, as the complicity of the viewer is needed to find the hidden thread that binds these objects together.

- Argentine artist Amalia Pica talks about her Savage Detectives-inspired installation artworks (read more)

 Is "doorstop" a catachresis?


  1. love the art work very surreal fitting for the book ,all the best stu

  2. Me too, Stu. Very apt fixtures and fittings. :p