13 November 2011

"The Angel" by J. R. Wilcock

Juan Rodolfo Wilcock (1919-1978) is the author of the encyclopedia novel The Temple of Iconoclasts, one of the books that influenced Roberto Bolaño's writing of Nazi Literature in the Americas. No other book of his was translated, but Richard (Caravana de recuerdos) brought to our attention Wilcock's La boda de Hitler y María Antonieta en el infierno ("The Wedding of Hitler and Marie Antoinette in Hell"). It should alert English translators and publishers. The title alone promises supreme infamy.

Here is a link to one of Wilcock's stories. It's translated from the Spanish by Jeremy and posted in his journal READIN. Jeremy is currently reading Los detectives salvajes for The Savage Detectives Group Read. His reading is recorded in these posts.

Bonus link: Jeremy's translation of Slavko Zupcic's story "Requiem" appeared recently in Words Without Borders. It may be the kind of story Borges will dictate from beyond the grave.

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