01 November 2011

Literary prizes at El Poder de la Palabra; Premio Salambó

I found a site (in Spanish) which compiles all major literary prizes in Latin America. Quite an informative site. Google Translate will come in handy for non-readers of Spanish.

El Poder de la Palabra is a website dedicated to literary writings. It contains excerpts from literary texts in Spanish, as well as biographies of writers.

I'll be featuring here some of the notable prizes. One of these is the Premio Salambó. This award is organized by Club Cultura de la Fnac and Café Salambó. It is given to the best book of fiction published in Spain in the previous year. The jury is composed of 15 renowned authors in Spain and Latin America. It is the only kind of award in Spain in which the winner is chosen exclusively by writers. The award lacks funding however. Perhaps that's the reason why no award was given in the past two years.

Winners of Premio Salambó*:

2001 Javier Cercas (Soldados de Salamina / Soldiers of Salamis)
2002 Javier Marías (Tu rostro mañana 1. Fiebre y lanza / Your Face Tomorrow 1: Fever and Spear)
2003 Juan Eduardo Zúñiga (Capital de la gloria)
2004 Roberto Bolaño (2666 / 2666)
2005 Alvaro Pombo (Contra natura)
2006 Vicente Molina Foix (El abrecartas)
2007 José María Merino (La glorieta de los fugitivos)
2008 Cristina Fernández Cubas (Todos los cuentos)
2009 -not given-
2010 -not given-

* English titles are added for the three novels available in translation. The entry on Javier Marías is corrected to indicate only the first volume of his novel. The next two volumes have yet to appear in 2002.


  1. A great resource, which with my old mate G translate, will be a place to find new to me stuff. thanks