05 November 2011

Belletrista – a great resource on books by women writers

I came across this site devoted to reviews of books by female writers.


Belletrista is "a not-for-profit, bimonthly web magazine which seeks both to encourage cross-cultural understanding through international literature written by women and to increase the visibility of that literature". They also have a blog.

The current issue features a review of The Scale of Maps by the Spanish novelist Belén Gopegui, translated by Mark Schafer. Gopegui is one of the writers admired by Roberto Bolaño.

Also reviewed in Issue 13 are:

Fire from the Andes: Short Fiction by Women from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru, edited and translated by Susan E. Benner and Kathy S. Leonard, reviewed by Akeela Gaibie-Dawood

Who Is Ana Mendieta? by Christine Redfern, illustrated by Caro Caron, reviewed by Charlotte Simpson


  1. Great resource, have posted it to my G+ page so I can peruse it at my leisure, thanks for the find

  2. Glad you find it useful, Gary.